A NYC shelter holds the world’s first same-sex cat wedding

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Solomon and Bruno’s engagement portrait (Photo: Cat Scratchings)

Ollie’s Place, a cat adoption center operated by Mighty Mutts in New York City, recently found a unique way to celebrate a special bond between two adoptable cats: It held the world’s first same-sex cat wedding.

The “tail-joining” ceremony united Solomon and Bruno, two adult males who depend on each other and are looking for a forever home they can go to together.

I recently caught up with the man behind Solomon and Bruno’s wedding, Ollie’s Place volunteer Mike DiCerto, and asked him about the Jan. 27 ceremony. Get the inside scoop — and watch the video Mike made about Solomon and Bruno’s wedding — after the jump!

Solomon and Bruno Wedding Video by Michael DiCerto on Vimeo.com.

Q: What made you decide to perform — and memorialize — the first gay cat wedding?

A: I was trying to come up with a good promotional idea to get Ollie’s Place much-needed media attention and donations. So I thought about which of our cats were there the longest and needed a forever home.

Why did you pick Solomon and Bruno for the nuptials?
Over the years together a special bond developed between Solomon and Bruno. We realized we could never separate them, [and that was] the reason they had not been adopted. So I thought, why not have a wedding and make their bond not only permanent but cool?

Have you had any nibbles from potential adopters since the ceremony?
Nibbles, but nothing solid yet.

How are you promoting the wedding video?
We have been using Facebook, Twitter, mass e-mails. Then I noticed the story started spreading on its own!

Your video shows Solomon rescuing Bruno from a gang of angry lobsters at Coney Island. Did Solomon really perform a daring feat to save Bruno when they met?
As they say, many a good story has been ruined by oververification.

Any plans for a honeymoon?
Being the generous kitties they are, Solomon and Bruno have donated their honeymoon money to help with the renovation of the new Ollie’s Place location. [Learn more about it, or donate, here.]

Mike also reports that Solomon and Bruno are still very happy with their decision to tie the knot. “The honeymoon’s not over,” he says.

Do your pets share a special bond? Tell us below!

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