What’s That Mutt?: Meet Puppy Bowl pup and mystery mix Jackson

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Jackson was escorted to Puppy Bowl by Pet Assistance League of Virginia (PAL-VA) in Stafford.

Puppy Bowl VII will air on Feb. 6 on Animal Planet, and since all the “players” are Petfinder alumni, we picked two of them to get DNA tests from our partner, Canine Heritage Breed Test.

Last week we gave you a sneak peek at adorable Two Face. Today, meet Jackson, and guess what his DNA test will reveal. We’ll share the results here during Puppy Bowl (Sunday, Feb. 6 at 3 p.m. ET).

Jackson was taken in by the Pet Assistance League of Virginia in Stafford at six weeks old. Transferred from a West Virginia shelter where he was due to be euthanized, Jackson got a fresh start with PAL foster volunteers Dave and Beth Skewis.

Jackson’s future is looking a lot brighter these days. Not only was he cast for Puppy Bowl, Dave and Beth think he has a great shot at being a therapy dog. “We just completed beginner training with [Jackson] where he did very well,” Dave tells us.

“He is currently signed up for intermediate training starting next week. It was suggested by the trainer that he would do very well as a therapy dog, or participating in the elementary school reading program.”

Like most puppies, Jackson loves exercise, and he goes on regular runs with Beth. “When Jackson runs, he looks like a rabbit and a deer running,” Beth says. “He kind of hops like a rabbit, and his tail flops up and down like a running white-tailed deer.”

Can you guess what breeds the DNA test will reveal? Tell us below, then check back on Feb. 6 at 3 p.m. ET to find out!

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Thanks to our partner Canine Heritage for donating Jackson’s breed test.
For more information on how to test your dog’s DNA, visit the Canine
Heritage Web site

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