VIDEO blog: A new quality of life for pets at a S. Carolina shelter



PF Foundation’s Liz Neuschatz with Animal Alliance founder Denise Bash and a Chester shelter dog

Jan. 12, 2011–Today is our last day here in Chester, SC, for the Animal Lifeline outreach trip. We are definitely sad to be leaving, but are very happy that we were able to be part of such an amazing project. Although the student volunteers have gotten a lot accomplished so far, today will be a long day for them, seeing that it’s their last day of work, and there is still a lot of work to be done and only one day left to do it.

Chester County Animal Control now looks like a completely different shelter compared to how it looked when first got here on Sunday. There are now rooftops
over the outdoor kennels, which will drastically improve the lives of the dogs who stay in them, especially since there is a lot of rain and a decent amount of snow here.

Another huge accomplishment completed by the student volunteers is the new cat house. It is now completely constructed and all that’s left to do is paint it. Previously, the cats were placed in small enclosures that didn’t give them room to do much of anything, but with this new cat house, which is about the size of a large storage shed only taller, the cats will have room to play, jump and do the things that cats love to do. This will dramatically reduce the amount of stress on the cats, which will make them much more adoptable.

This is my second outreach trip with Animal Lifeline (the first was to West Virginia in May), and once again I’m leaving with a great sense of
accomplishment. The feeling of knowing that I was able to be part of
such an important project really is a great feeling. I now know why
these students volunteer their time so willingly: The personal
satisfaction you get after helping with one of these trips is almost
indescribable, and something that can’t be explained until you experience
it firsthand.

A special thanks to our friends at The Animal Rescue Site for making this
trip possible. Thanks also to Animal Lifeline; ShelterLogic, a
worldwide leading manufacturer of affordable shade, shelter and storage
solutions; and Nylabone Products®, a division of Central Garden &
Pet Company, which furnished kennels, fencing, toys and other products
for the shelter.

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