The weirdest, wackiest pet names: Which is your favorite?



The Situation (available at PAWS in Philadelphia, PA) certainly looks like he could live up to his special name.

We recently asked our Facebook friends for their wackiest, funniest and most original pet names. We narrowed down nearly 400 responses to our favorites for dogs, cats and groups.

Tell us: Which are your favorites — and what should have made the list?


The Shih-Tzu-ation
Emperor Ming’s Number One Son
Ally McBeagle
Professor Furrypants PhDog
Fi Deau
Mamma’s Little Dumplin’ Love Willis
Peanut Butt Her
Maximum Tech Friday
Mopps Von Underfoot
Captain Underpants

See cat names and dynamic duos after the jump!

G. Willikers
Pinky Tuscadero
Mini Purrl
Grandma Wrinkles
Tofu Noir
Sadie Pawkins
How Ling
Evil Pookies
The General Kung Fu Mew Mewderman, III

Dynamic Duos and Matching Sets

Bob and Not-the-Bob
Chile Relleno, Calzone w/Fresh Mushrooms, Buffet, Casserole, and Baked Ziti
Soduku and Wasabi
Kamikaze and Kahlua
Beaner and The Heinzanator
Flea and Tick
Chicken Babies and Chicken Babies Part Deux: Back in Action
This, That and The Other
Cheese and Quackers
Bacon and Waffle

Can you top those? Tell us below!

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