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Lost-Pet Reunions: HomeAgain calls



Champ broke through a screen door to go find his “mom,” but it turned out he was the one who got lost.

Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain.

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Champ Breaks Through the Screen Door – from Cara in Manchester, NH
It was such a beautiful day, we decided to leave the back door open with just the screen closed. Then Champ, due to his separation anxiety, decides he’s going to break through the screen to find me.

During his search for me, he sees people jogging all over the place and thinks, “Hey! They must all be running towards my mom too! I better follow them!” and starts chasing a couple of them.

Now, Champ is no small Pit Bull. He is a big, lovable, mellow sweetheart. But he can be very intimidating when you see him running toward you. So the joggers call Animal Control, and Champ is picked up and brought to the shelter.

We could not get a call due to the Easter holiday. Luckily, HomeAgain does not take vacation time from pets, and they called us on Easter to let us know he was at the shelter! Unfortunately we have to wait until Monday to get him, but at least we know he is safe!

As I write this, I’m waiting patiently (kind of) for Animal Control to open so I can get him. I really want to thank everyone who helped us scour the neighborhood, and especially Champ’s trainer Shari at All Dogs Gym for putting up posters and getting the word out! Champ thanks you!

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