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Happy Tail: A rescued Pit Bull fits right in with a family’s six kids


pit bull and kitten photo

Olive is afraid of her family’s big cat, but loves to snuggle with the kitten.

Right from the start it was clear that Olive was a lover,
not a fighter. “When we visited her in the shelter,” says her new mom, Brandy Watson, “she didn’t bark wildly for our attention. Instead,
she just walked up and kind of leaned into my husband’s hand.”

That was enough to convince the Watsons, who live in Jamestown,
ND, that 7-month-old Pit Bull-mix Olive would fit right into their
family of six children. Olive was listed on Petfinder by the James
River Humane Society
, also in Jamestown.

“So many people are afraid of Pit Bulls,” Brandy says, “but like
any dog, so much of it has to do with how you raise them.”

though she is, Olive is afraid of some things, including brooms, vacuum cleaners
and the family’s big male cat … but not the family kitten.

Sometimes Olive shows some attitude, according to Brandy. “If
you tell her something she doesn’t like, she will sit with her back
turned to you, huff, and give you dirty looks over her shoulder.” But soon enough, she’s over it and it’s cuddle time again.

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