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Happy Tail: Once stray, a rescued bird chirps his way into his family’s heart



Few people think of birds as stray pets, but Cloud was just that.

I usually think of strays as dogs or cats, but birds can be stray, too. Such
was Cloud, who was found flapping around in Cambridge, MA.

The Animal
Rescue League of Boston
took Cloud in and saw to his needs, and the
staff posted him on Petfinder. He was at the shelter for two months
before Jake Cohen of Hingham, MA, saw him on Petfinder and applied to
adopt him. Once the match was approved, Jake and his family began
getting acquainted with the little budgie.


UPDATE: Cloud now has a much larger cage and loves it. He has room to spread his wings and fly. Thanks, Jake, for letting us know.

“He is not yet hand tame,” Jake says, “but lets us get close to him
and loves us to hand-feed him his favorite treats.” The bird’s whistles
and tweets fill the house with happiness. “Once in a while, he speaks
human words, but not much,” Jake says. One time he surprised everyone by speaking
to the dog.

Cloud has his likes and dislikes. In the likes column is his double
mirror, his vitamin block and the band the Black Eyed Peas. But the singer Pink isn’t his favorite. I asked Jake how he could tell what music Cloud prefers. He said Cloud chirps along with music he likes and glares when it
isn’t to his liking. I didn’t ask if he likes the Byrds.

Jake is hoping to get a larger cage for Cloud this month, one that will let
him take wing.

January is Adopt-a-Rescued-Bird Month. Consider giving a little tweetheart a home.

Have a bird-adoption story you’d like to share? Submit it to our Happy Tails section.

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