Animal Lifeline volunteers meet, and market, S. Carolina shelter pets



Grit, an adoptable dog at Chester County Animal Control, with an Animal Lifeline volunteer

Guest blogger Liz Borrie is a volunteer on the Animal Lifeline and Foundation trip to Chester, SC, to rehab facilities at the local shelter.

Hey all, my name is Liz Borrie, and I am a student of Delaware Valley College studying zoo science. I am in South Carolina with my college’s club, Rescue University, which is a program of Animal Lifeline.

I am currently vice president of the club, and this is my first outreach trip. The
purpose of these outreach trips is to
improve animal shelters in order to
improve the lives of animals in need.

We are currently working at Chester County Animal Control, rebuilding it from top to bottom — putting up a cat house, rebuilding pens, making dog beds and donating toys and food. It has been plenty of hard work, but it is very rewarding.


Animal Lifeline volunteer Liz Borrie

We start work at 8 a.m. and finish at 5. It has been a great learning
experience. As someone who has never done construction, I’ve already
gained so much from this trip! I learned how to put together chain-link
fencing, build raised dog beds, use power tools, etc. Club members
working on other projects have learned to weld and pour concrete, among
other skills.

One of my favorite tasks has been posting pictures of adoptable pets on Petfinder.
Check them out! They are really sweet, adorable dogs and cats who would
love to have homes. We had to evaluate them (for example, testing
whether they were good with kids and other animals) and write
descriptions for potential adopters. If I didn’t already have so many of
my own pets, I’d adopt some from this bunch.

The best part of this trip, of course, has been seeing the animals at
the shelter. I think it makes all of us feel that our time and effort is
worth it for these pets in need. I’m not getting paid, or even class
credit, but I do it because I know I am helping animals, and I hope to
do another outreach trip after this.

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