This holiday season, why not adopt a shelter or rescue group?

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Pockets is at Greg’s adopted shelter, Animal Haven in Kansas.

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Many years ago, my wife and I adopted a needy family for Christmas. We
brought coats, food and small gifts. It made for a great holiday for
both families. The experience was also fodder for my book, A Dog Named Christmas. In that novel, the fictional McCray family tries to find
holiday foster homes for all the dogs at their local shelter.

years have passed since that book was released, and now the need is more
urgent and the problems are more severe. My wife and I felt like we
needed to help. This year we are
going to adopt a shelter for the holidays. We are going to do for
the shelter family some of the same things we did for an impoverished
human family many years earlier.

We’ve decided to “adopt” Animal Haven
in Merriam, KS. We’ll give cash, but we’ll give our time too.
We’ve already started an e-mail campaign to family and friends and some
funds are starting to come in.

This would be a great gift your animal-loving family can give to your community, too. If you don’t have a
relationship with a shelter or rescue group, then find an organization near you and start one!
Without taking too much time or money, you can really make a difference!

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