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Happy Tail: One rescued dog finds her forever home



Read Crystal’s adoption story in Courtney Harris’s own words.

In a cage: That’s where Crystal spent her early years — the five years before the breeder who owned the fluffy pup relinquished her to One Step Closer to Home in Dyersburg, TN.

The rescue folks posted her on Petfinder and waited for that special someone to come along who wanted to give Crystal a chance for a better life.

That someone was Courtney Harris. When she saw Crystal on Petfinder, “it was love at first sight,” she says. She e-mailed the rescue and was invited to come and meet Crystal, so on a Saturday evening, the Kennett, MO, woman headed to Tennessee.

At Crystal’s foster home, Courtney cuddled with the dog for an hour, getting acquainted. Then she finalized the adoption.

Crystal had no trouble adapting to her new home. “She walked in like she owned the place: tail wagging and an adorable little doggy smirk on her face,” Courtney says. “That night she jumped up on the bed and curled up at the end, like she was supposed to be there.” It was obvious that Crystal felt the love.

“After five years of being in a cage, no more bars blocked her anymore,” says Courtney. “She has finally found her forever home.”

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