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Happy Tail: Christmas gift foretells kitten in future, but not how special she would be


black cat photo

BB was named so because the rescue thought she has BBs embedded under her skin.

It was an interesting Christmas gift for someone who didn’t have a
cat: cat toys, a litterbox and other feline essentials. “The obvious
implication was that I would get a cat,” says Nathan Russell of Cedar
Rapids, IA.  He had been wanting a feline family member, and his
girlfriend (now his wife) obviously thought the time was right.

The couple had adopted two dogs after seeing them on Petfinder, so
Nathan logged on to Petfinder once again to find a new furry family

“I came across BB’s picture and story, and my heart
melted,” he says. She was posted on the site by At-Risk
Animals Rescue & Rehab
in Hiawatha, IA. “Her name comes from
what they thought were BBs in her body.” It turned out they were rifle
bullets. “From what I was told, there were bullets removed from her
stomach when she was spayed after coming to the shelter, and she has a
bullet in her neck that you can still feel to this day … she also has
the remnants of a bullet in her knee.”

Nathan adopted BB, and she fit right into her new family, bonding
quickly with the dogs with whom she likes to snuggle. “She loves dogs,
and we are practically convinced that she wants to be one,” Nathan
says. When she’s not snuggling with them, she’s snuggling with him. “Often I will wake up with a mouthful of purring fur as she will lie,
curled-up … right in my face,” he says.

BB endured something unspeakable in her past, but her present shines
brightly, thanks to caring people and a happy home.

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