The top 10 pet-adoption videos of 2010

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every-home-needs-a-harvey.jpgThis year we saw a ton of fabulous videos that spread the word about pet adoption. We’ve made our top 10 list here — some of these will look familiar; others we’re posting for the first time. (Oh, and they’re in no particular order.) Enjoy!

(See the list — and the videos — after the jump.)

1) Every Home Needs a Harvey

The ad is actually meant to promote the benefits of advertising on TV — but it struck a chord with pet lovers because it features a shelter dog doing what we wish all shelter pets could do: Show potential adopters what great companions they’ll be if given a chance.

2) Justin Bieber promotes pet adoption for PETA

Who better to make a pro-pet-adoption video than a pop star who was discovered on YouTube? Let’s hope this clip, with behind-the-scenes footage from Bieber’s PSA shoot for Peta2, turns his millions of adoring fans into future adopters.

3) New Hanover County Animal Control Services: It’s Cool to Adopt

Monty’s Home teamed up with fellow North Carolina-based shelter New Hanover County Animal Control Services to put together this great video, in which shelter staff and adopters break it down for ya: “Don’t
waste your money at a puppy shop — it’s cool to adopt.”

4) The Nevada Humane Society: Adoption Entrance Dance

The Nevada Humane Society‘s fun takeoff of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance, set to Chris Brown’s “Forever,” shows perfectly what every shelter staffer and volunteer feels when a pet finds his or her forever home. (Read our original post.)

5) San Francisco SPCA: ‘Cat Romance’

This video was the brainchild of the San Francisco SPCA‘s community development specialist, Laura Gretch, and “volunteer superstar” Cristian Gonzales. Whether you love Lady Gaga or hate her, you can’t deny the brilliance of this hilarious spoof with a lifesaving message. (Read our original post.)

6) OK Go: ‘White Knuckles’

OK Go‘s clip for the song “White Knuckles” features a dozen rescue pups, a pro-adoption message and choreography that was two years in the making — ’nuff said. (Read our original post.)

7) American Humane Association: Peter Fonda for Adopt-a-Dog Month

We’re always happy to see a celeb promoting pet adoption, even if they also get in a plug for their next project — in this case, Fonda plugs his movie Smitty, about a city kid who learns a valuable lesson from a shelter dog. This PSA promotes the American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Dog Month. (Read the original post.)

8) Mutts and the Shelter Pet Project: Adopt a senior pet

The video shown here is one of six PSAs that McDonnell — a huge adoption advocate and proud dad to Petfinder dog Amelie — created with animator Paul Fierlinger for The Shelter Pet Project. You can see all the PSAs on McDonnell’s blog. (Read our original post.)

9) Orange County Animal Services: Pro wrestlers

This great PSA features pro-wrestling superstars Afa “the Wild Samoan” Anoa’i, WXW women’s champion Miss Kimberly and WXW tag team champ Easy G on behalf of Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, FL. Doesn’t seeing these tough guys reveal a soft spot for pets just make you love them even more? (Read our original post.)

10) The Foundation: Gift of Hope

This one-minute video by What You Can Do is about a great way to help homeless pets this holiday season by giving a loved one a Gift of Hope — a donation in his or her name to the Foundation.

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