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The Twelve Days of Dewey: Photograph shelter pets



This Dewey, a Beagle/Dachshund mix puppy, is awaiting a forever home at STARS in Statesboro, GA.

Welcome back — we hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We at Petfinder were giving thanks for YOU, the wonderful people who care about pets and support pet adoption, and all the hard-working shelter and rescue-group staff and volunteers who give so much to help homeless pets.

Days 8 and 7 of the Twelve Days of Dewey offer easy, fun and incredibly effective ways you can help shelter pets find homes. Read on to learn more!

8) Photograph EIGHT shelter pets for their profiles on Petfinder. Photos are the first thing potential adopters notice about a pet on Petfinder, and can literally save a pet’s life. Staff at crowded shelters often don’t have time to take great photos of their adoptable pets, so this is one of the most important things volunteers can do to help — not to mention one of the easiest and most fun! (Check out our tips on photographing shelter dogs and cats.)

Share an adoptable pet on Facebook each day of the week for SEVEN days.
We know for a fact that people like you sharing adoptable pets on Facebook saves lives. And it’s easy: Just click this button on the pet’s profile page and a link to that page, with the pet’s photo and details, will be posted to your Facebook wall:Thumbnail image for FB-button.png

Have you helped a pet find a home by taking his or her picture or sharing his or her profile? Tell us below!

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This holiday season, open your heart and home to a pet from a shelter or
rescue group! Find participating organizations near you: Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays

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