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The Twelve Days of Dewey: Organize a pet-food drive!



Like the book’s Dewey, this Dewey, awaiting adoption in Stroudsburg, PA, is a friendly orange boy.

Last week we introduced you to Dewey the library cat and the Twelve Days of Dewey, our campaign around the new children’s book Dewey’s Christmas at the Library. Today we’re offering our suggestions for days 10 and 9.

Dewey’s story and the way it inspired the people of Spencer, Iowa, is proof that, not only can people help pets, but pets can also help people and, in some cases, entire communities. The next two activities in the Twelve Days of Dewey have you engaging your community to help pets.

Organize a TEN-day food drive for your local animal shelter
or rescue group at a business in your town such as a grocery or bookstore. You’ll also be raising awareness about your local homeless pets and, by bringing people into the store, supporting your local economy.

9) Tell NINE people you know about the Twelve Days of Dewey and encourage them to participate. You can also download a Twelve Days of Dewey poster here.

Do you have experience organizing food drives? If you have any tips,
share them in the comments below to help others make their drive more

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