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Sally is at Darlington County Humane Society in Darlington, SC.

When I adopted my cat Sophie, I fell in love with her at the shelter. An older calico with white socks on her front feet, she was taken out of her cage and curled right up in my open, anxious arms. At that moment I could never have imagined how problematic getting her to my home would be, or that she would then spend a long adjustment period hiding behind my dresser.

These are common problems for shelter cats and their new families. Shelter life can be scary for cats. The transition from an original home to a shelter to an adoptive home brings many changes in sights, smells and surroundings, leaving cats fearful in each situation. But the Foundation is giving some shelter cats a way to stay safe and happy in the journey from shelter to new home.

In partnership with the PETCO Foundation and The Animal Rescue Site, the Foundation recently awarded $300,000 in Hide, Perch & Go boxes to more than 40 shelters!

When used at a shelter, the Hide, Perch & Go box gives a cat different areas for eating, sleeping and watching her surroundings, helping her to relax and become more adoptable. The box then converts into a carrying case to transport the cat to a new home. In the home, the box can again be used as a place to hide or perch, giving the cat a familiar environment during the adjustment period.

Susan Blakeney, a volunteer with the Darlington County Humane Society in South Carolina, has already seen a large increase in cat adoptions as a result of the boxes. In fact, three cats were adopted and sent home in Hide, Perch & Go boxes the first day they were used!

The Foundation is so excited to join The Animal Rescue Site and the PETCO Foundation to award these life-changing boxes. “As stories from the shelters demonstrate, the Hide, Perch & Go boxes improve a cat’s chances of adoption and ease the transition into a new home,” says Greg Hesterberg, president of The Animal Rescue Site. “It’s a great program and one that we are delighted to support.”

Congratulations to all the member shelters who received a Hide, Perch & Go grant!

Help support the Hide, Perch & Go boxes and other Foundation programs.

Learn more about the Hide, Perch & Go boxes.

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