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Lost-Pet Reunions: A dog is lost, then found



Because Sunny’s microchip had up-to-date contact info, his mom heard from HomeAgain before she even knew he was missing.

We at Petfinder are big believers in microchipping — and a recent study of pets in shelters shows that microchipped dogs are twice as likely (and cats are twenty times more likely) to be returned home than those without chips.

But that same study showed that a microchip is far less effective when the owner’s contact information is not up-to-date.

If you register your pet’s chip with our
partner, HomeAgain, for $16.99 a year, not only will you be able to update your contact information as often as you need, at no charge, for the lifetime of your pet (even if you never renew your membership), you’ll also benefit from HomeAgain’s other services, including free access to the ASPCA’s emergency medical hotline (which would otherwise cost $60 a call) and a nationwide pet-recovery network of more than 500,000 people on the lookout for lost pets (learn more).

Because we believe so strongly in microchipping and HomeAgain, we’re going to share with you true stories from pet parents who’ve been reunited with lost pets thanks to HomeAgain.

‘Home Again’ in Less than 10 Minutes! – from Doris in Greenville, TX
I have always believed in the importance of microchipping, ID tags on collars and, of course, spaying/neutering. Tonight I became a 100% believer in and advocate for microchipping and keeping an up-to-date tag on our dog! Here is how HomeAgain saved our dog’s life:

I took Sunny out through the fence gate when we left for our walk — but we came back in through our back door. Anxious to start a movie, I opened the door to let Sunny outside to enjoy his chewy treat. I forgot that I had not closed the fence gate when we left for our outing.

I had just sat down to start the movie when my cell phone rang. I didn’t
recognize the number and considered not answering. The voice on the
other line said, “Is this Doris —–? This is HomeAgain. We received a
call about a dog in ——, Texas. Do you have a dog named Sunny? Is he

I thought this must be some kind of sales call and was just
about to tell them I already had our pets microchipped. How could Sunny
be missing? I just let him outside! Then it hit me! My knees felt weak
as I remembered … the gate!

HomeAgain said, “Sunny was found next door
at the restaurant. A family noticed his HomeAgain tag and called our
number. They have him and will wait for you to come get him.” I could
not believe that in less than 10 minutes, Sunny left home, was found,
HomeAgain was notified, HomeAgain called me and Sunny was safely
returned to us! (And we didn’t even know he was gone.)

No matter how careful you are, no matter how much you think it would
never happen to your pet, it can. I hate to think what could have
happened to Sunny if he had not been wearing his HomeAgain tag and his
microchip. ID tags and microchipping should be as routine and
commonplace as immunizations.

Sunny is a beautiful, handsome boy who was
found dumped as a puppy last year. All pets — champion, pedigree dogs
and the “found” dogs — deserve a chance to come back home. Encourage pet
owners to microchip. It’s a quick, inexpensive investment with priceless

Enroll your pet’s microchip with HomeAgain now.

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