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Happy Tail: One senior dog finds a great home for her golden years



Read Granny’s adoption story in her mom’s own words.

Granny was no spring chicken. She was a 13-year-old German Shepherd
with poor vision and hearing loss. She also had a large
tumor in her abdomen. Her chances of being adopted seemed slim.

Fortunately, that didn’t deter Tammy Lord from adopting her after
looking into Granny’s big brown eyes on her computer monitor.

Granny was transported to Tammy in New Hampshire from Vermilion
County Animal Shelter
in Danville, IL.  When Tammy met the
transport van, she says, “I fell in love with her all over again. She
was so petite and dainty. I couldn’t wait to get her home.”

Granny fit right into her new family. “She instantly accepted my
two middle-aged dogs,” Tammy says. “They seemed to sense right off that
she was to be treated with respect and that she wasn’t a new
rough-housing playmate. … She is the most loving, loyal, best-behaved
dog I have ever had.”

Tammy had the tumor removed and makes sure Granny gets regular
veterinary check-ups. “The way I see it,” Tammy says, “she has earned
that special treatment for many years of loyalty.” 

She doesn’t
understand how a dog like Granny can be relinquished to a shelter. But
someone’s loss is Tammy’s gain, although she admits that adopting older
dogs can be an “emotional roller coaster ride” because you may not have
years with the pet whom you have come to love. But, she adds, “at least
they know that someone loved them at the end and they were worthy of
that love, and that’s what adopting a senior dog means to me.”

Granny represents thousands of older pets who are too-often overlooked when they have so much to give. Petfinder is highlighting one of them each week this month for Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month.

Update: We’re sorry to report that Granny has passed away. “It happened so quickly; she just got tired fighting her old age,” Tammy told us. “But I held her in my arms right up until I had to say my final goodbye to her. I told her one final time that I loved her as she very calmly went to sleep.”

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