What’s That Mutt?: McCartney’s results, plus more puppy pics!

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Jennifer Zentz lives in Indianapolis with her dog, McCartney, loves photographing him and is the volunteer co-chair of the Humane Society of Indianapolis‘ Mutt Strut fundraiser. She previously posted about adopting McCartney and using the Canine Heritage Breed Test to determine the breeds in his background. Here, she shares the results of the test.

McCartney’s mystery has been solved! We received his Canine Heritage Breed Test results and were pleasantly surprised by what we found. (Read Jen’s original description of McCartney.)

Of course, being the mutt that he is, there were no primary breeds listed in McCartney’s results, meaning neither of his parents was purebred.


See a larger view of McCartney’s profile by clicking on the picture.

There were two breeds listed in “secondary breeds.” The first, Old English Sheepdog, was expected. Just look at his markings and all that hair!

The second breed listed, Boxer, was definitely a shock. I had to do some research on Boxers, and I was amazed at the similarities that are present in McCartney’s temperament and the temperament of Boxers. Like a Boxer, McCartney is clownish, high-spirited, playful, curious and energetic. Everyone notices how much he uses his front paws, and now we know why! [Editor’s note: Boxers are said to get their name from their frequent use of their front paws.]

Canine Heritage also identified three breeds in the “In the Mix” category: Cocker Spaniel, Shetland Sheepdog and Collie. Wow! What a mix.

The breeds listed in the “in the mix” category are often not visible in a dog’s physical traits, but can be identified in his behavioral traits. I did some research into those three breeds and was happy to learn that “willingness to please” is shared among all of them. No wonder McCartney behaves so well! But with Shetland Sheepdog and Collie in his background, I’m surprised McCartney doesn’t practice herding his humans more often.

Now I know how to answer the “What’s that Mutt?” question that gets us so often at the dog park. McCartney is pretty happy to learn about his heritage, as well!

Just for fun, and because we all love Jen’s photos, we’re including some more priceless photos of McCartney as a puppy. Which one’s your favorite?


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Thanks to our partner Canine Heritage for donating McCartney’s breed test.
For more information on how to test your dog’s DNA, visit the Canine
Heritage Web site

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