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The Foundation gives cat-vaccination grants to 80 shelters



The Foundation recently helped 80 shelters and rescue groups across the country by awarding $143,000 for FVRCP vaccinations.

FVRCP vaccinations help protect cats against three contagious diseases: feline viral rhinotracheitis (a severe and highly contagious upper respiratory infection caused by a feline herpes virus), calicivirus (which can cause pneumonia) and panleukopenia (also called feline distemper).

Distemper can be a big problem if it spreads throughout a shelter. Jenny Colucci, a volunteer with grant recipient Stamford Animal Care & Control in Connecticut, tells us, “A few years ago, our shelter experienced a devastating outbreak of distemper among our cat population. We lost over 20 precious cats and kittens to the disease. The only surviving cats were those that we knew had been vaccinated. This grant will help us reduce the chances that this will ever occur in our shelter again and keep our cats safe from disease.”

Vaccinating cats at intake can reduce the spread of feline viruses in animal shelters and reduce the number of homeless cats euthanized for health reasons. Vicky Pfennig of Rangely Animal Shelter in Rangely, CO, says, “We are so pleased to receive this grant because it will give us a complete health program for our cats, not only to be spayed or neutered but including a full series of vaccinations. This will benefit the whole community as far as keeping the spread of feline diseases in control.”

Vaccinating cats will also increase adoptions. Petfinder shelter and rescue-group members have told us that one of the first things potential adopters ask is whether an organization’s cats are up-to-date on their vaccinations. If they aren’t, adopters are likely to look elsewhere.

Michele Whaley, director of the Pitt County Animal Shelter in Greenville, NC, tells us, “In the eight years we have run this animal shelter, we have been unable to have the funding to provide any type of vaccinations to the cats we receive. Disease in our cat room is very hard to control with the present design. And by receiving this grant, we will be able to offer adopters cats with vaccinations without raising the fees.”

The vaccination-grant funding comes from The Animal Rescue Site’s Gifts that Give More and “The Animal Rescue Site is proud to fund these efforts,” says Greg Hesterberg, president of The Animal Rescue Site and treasurer of the Foundation. “Vaccinations protect these cats from contagious diseases and make quick adoptions much more likely.”

The Foundation is honored to be able to provide this assistance to shelters and rescue groups. Contribute to the Foundation.

Contribute to the vaccination grants or other animal-welfare efforts by buying Gifts That Give More, offered by the GreaterGood Network. All gifts are tax deductible.

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