Tell every Missourian you know: Vote YES! on PROP B

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Brody is available for adoption at Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary in Columbia, MO.

Dogs in Missouri need your help. Why should you care about dogs in Missouri? Because in your city there is a pretty good chance you have a local pet store selling puppies from a Missouri puppy mill. In fact, Missouri exports up to a million puppies a year all across the U.S. (30% of U.S. puppy mills are in Missouri), and this November, Missouri voters will get to mandate common-sense humane standards for puppy mills at the ballot box. (Learn more about Prop B.)

But the folks who profit by cutting corners on humane care are pulling out all stops to try to quash this important legislation. I applaud the Humane Society of the United States and our Missouri colleagues’ efforts to bring about change for over 200,000 breeding dogs. Join us to get the word out to all Missourians to vote YES! on PROP B. Post it on Facebook; e-mail your friends. Help the dogs!

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