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Happy Tail: Puppy mill dogs make case for ballot measure



Read Helga’s adoption story in her mom’s own words.

Soon Missouri dog lovers will be going to the polls to vote on
Proposition B, which would establish common-sense standards for the care of dogs
in breeding establishments. 

The state’s reputation as a haven for puppy
is well known. Vicky Cosgrove, who lives in New York City, is
aware of it, and it spurred her to look at rescued puppy-mill dogs in
Missouri who were up for adoption on

She found Helga, a
retired breeding dog who was surrendered because she could have no more
puppies. “I fell instantly in love with her picture,” Cosgrove says.

Vicky adopted Helga, and the folks at Stover
Animal Control
in Stover, MO, who had listed her on Petfinder, arranged a flight
to New York City on Airbound Pets, a transport company. Once in NYC, Helga joined
her new mom and several Doxie stepsibs. 


Read Victoria’s adoption story in her mom’s words.

Another Missouri puppy-mill dog, Victoria, was adopted by Mindy Vaupel of Swansea, IL. Vaupel says it’s a joy to watch Victoria learn new
things: “We don’t think that she had ever been given rawhides or toys
prior to being rescued. She is just learning how to play. … Still, she
gets very scared at times.”

The little dog
was rescued from a puppy mill by the Humane
Society of Missouri-St. Louis County
in Maryland Heights, MO, in March.

These two pooches were lucky; they were relatively healthy when they
were rescued. Others aren’t so lucky. The ultimate indignity is that
the unhealthy ones are often tossed out like garbage by their owners
when they are no longer useful as breeders. Runt pups are often
discarded as well.

The ones who make it into rescue are often in sorry
shape. They lose their teeth because they were never provided with dental
care, their coats are matted or they have lost much of their fur from
infections. Their toenails often curl into the pads of their feet because
they have never been trimmed. Some dogs are blind or sick from lack of
veterinary care, and they lack socialization.

But for Helga and Victoria, their lives in puppy mills are behind
them. These two have found their very own home, sweet homes.

If you are a Missourian, please vote yes on Prop B and encourage your friends in Missouri to do so too. To learn more, read the proposal.

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