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Happy Tail: Cat litter ad + Petfinder iPhone app = one happy Pit Bull



Read Merrick’s adoption story in his mom’s own words.

You might say the strapping young Merrick owes his happy new life to a cat litter commercial. Jessica Yuksel of Kinnelon, N.J., sees the irony in this. But she and her husband were watching television when the ad came on, and right at the end, there was a quick “blip” about the Petfinder iPhone application. The couple had been thinking about getting a dog in the future, so they both took a moment to download the app.

“Without knowing what the other was looking for,” Jessica says, “we both turned to each other at the same time with the exact same picture on our phones. We knew then, this is the one for us.”

It was Merrick, an American Staffordshire Terrier, and quite a handsome fellow. He had been listed on Petfinder by Yonkers Animal Shelter in Yonkers, NY. The couple’s first meeting with Merrick was as smooth as the iPhone app. “He took to my husband immediately,” Jessica says. “He has been nothing less than a perfectly well behaved and well mannered pup.”

He goes everywhere with the Yuksels, including day trips to the beach. On weekends, he’s a happy camper in the woods. The point is he just wants to be part of the family, wherever they are, and stays as close as possible.

Long live ads and apps! Merrick’s adoption was the happy result of both.

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