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Here’s What You Said: Has pet insurance ever saved your pet or your wallet?

Sam, a senior with hyperthyroidism, is available for adoption at PetConnect Rescue in Potomac, Md.

In our August newsletter we asked you if pet insurance has ever saved your pet — or your wallet.

Maureen bought insurance on her cat, Winkie, a year ago. Just two months later he became very ill and had to be hospitalized. The bills amounted to $900, but Winkie’s pet policy covered about $700 of it. 

“The premiums were very reasonable,” Maureen says, “and it was a relief to know Winkie could get the best care without worrying about the bills.”

In April, Carol’s dog needed surgery to remove a lump from his shoulder. “I didn’t have cash to cover it and I had paid off all my credit cards and really didn’t want to use them again,” she says. “Thanks to his insurance, he had the surgery.” 

Carol charged it on her credit card, but her claim was processed quickly, she received the check promptly and was able to pay her credit card bill with zero interest. Best news: The lump was benign.

Susan’s insurance paid a lifetime maximum of $3,600 for her dog Sadie’s
cancer treatments and medications. “The insurance saw her through two
surgeries and a course of chemotherapy,” Susan says. When the cancer
made its third recurrence, the family opted not to do another surgery,
deciding that “having surgery every six to eight months was no life for a
little dog. …  In all, the insurance plan gave that gallant little
girl three years of life that we would not have been able to afford

Barbara’s insurance took care of almost all of the
expenses for her cat Noel’s lymphoma treatment and chemo. Two other of
her cats had pre-existing conditions and couldn’t be covered. She had
“astronomical expenses” which she is still paying off.

health insurance is on track to eliminate “pre-existing conditions”
exclusions. We hope that will soon happen with pet insurance as well. Meanwhile, it’s important to get your pets covered early before
conditions arise that will make them uninsurable. Riders on some
policies can even address congenital and hereditary problems.

at Petfinder have investigated many plans and their various coverages
and exclusions. After a long vetting process, we are proud to recommend PetFirst Healthcare as our pet insurance of choice.

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