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Happy Tail: Rescue dog Louie hits the road



Read Louie’s story in his pet parent’s own words.

When Jim and Myra Peterson of Madelia, MN, saw Louie listed on Petfinder, he was just a shadow of the dog he was born to be. “He was about six months old, extremely thin and had just been cured of a bad dose of fleas,” Jim says. The couple went to meet him at People for Pets in Spencer, Iowa, that very day.

“He became an instant member of our family,” Jim says, traveling with them to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and the shores of Lake Superior. “The only time Louie would seem sad is when I would go for a ride on my motorcycle,” leaving him behind.

Jim came to Louie’s rescue again. “I did some research and found the Beast Rider … a custom-made basket that attaches to your bike, and a harness that attaches your dog to the basket. He can lie down or sit but cannot stand.”

Now when Jim hits the road, Louie is right there behind him. “We don’t go very far, just around town or on a quiet country road. Louie sniffs, enjoys the scenery and keeps his goggles on like he was born with them,” Jim says.

When Louie sees the cycle sitting idle in the garage, he runs over and puts his paws up on the seat. This dog’s ready to hit the road.

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