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Happy Tail: So-called less-adoptable blind and senior Lhasa is a treasure



Read Patches’ adoption story in his mom’s own words.

Petfinder has named Sept. 19-25 Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week to call attention to the many homeless pets that, for one reason or another, aren’t likely to be adopted.  Donna Thayer of Citrus Heights, CA, knows what it is to adopt one of these often overlooked animals.  She adopted her Lhasa Apso, Mini, from the Sacramento SPCA when the dog was 16 years old.  After Mini’s death, Donna knew she wanted to help out another needy Lhasa, so she began searching on to find one.  Her search wasn’t in vain. Patches was waiting.

Patches had two strikes against him: he was about nine years old and blind.

“His owner had died and the person’s adult child surrendered Patches to
the shelter,” Donna says.  “I thought maybe he had no eyes, but they had
been surgically removed. His groomer noticed the suture marks.” 
Whether it was because of an infection or an accident wasn’t noted in
his surrender papers.
But Patches has never let his blindness
hold him back.  Now 14, “he is confident and self-possessed,” Donna
says. The two of them head out each night for a one-mile walk around the
neighborhood, and the people and dogs they meet never realize he can’t
see.  At home, she says, he rules the roost. “We live in a two-story
house, and he navigates the stairs without a problem.  He even taught
himself to jump on the bed. Now he is also losing his hearing, but you
wouldn’t know it.”

Senior pets, like Patches, have some
advantages. They are often already housetrained and their personalities
are established: You know what you’re getting.

Donna got a loving pet who may not be with her as long as a puppy, but she cherishes each day with her special “little guy.” 

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