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Happy Tail: Coolidge deals new pet parents a winning hand



Read Coolidge’s adoption story in his dad’s own words.

Edmund Meurer of Highland, MI, has been a cat person for 20 years, but when he and his wife moved into a new home, the first thing she wanted was a dog.  He was a little skeptical, but he logged onto, where he was “shocked and saddened” by all the homeless cats and dogs.  It was then the couple agreed they would adopt, not buy, a pet.

“In short order we found our boy, a poor scrawny little guy who had escaped an abusive owner and had wandered around starving until the Sanilac County Shelter [in Sandusky, MI] people had found him,” Meurer says.

“The three-hour drive up to the shelter took forever but soon we were there,” he recalls. “The barking of the dogs was deafening, but we had no trouble finding him. His pleading eyes and deliriously happy demeanor touched our hearts. The trip home was filled with stops at the fast food drive-thru as we couldn’t get enough burgers into our new pup.”

They named him Coolidge after the 19th century painter C.M. Coolidge, the artist that painted the “Dogs Playing Poker” series. One thing is sure: the Meurers bet on a rescue dog and won.

He loves his backyard and his cat siblings and “is crazy about his Mom and Dad.”

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