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Happy Tail: Blind dog brings together Peke Pals


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Read Josie’s adoption story in her mom’s own words.

Josie is an eight-year-old, completely blind Pekingese. Some might say she is a less-adoptable dog.  Fortunately, Cassie Singh didn’t think so when she saw the little ball of fluff posted on Petfinder by Toy Breed Rescue in San Jose, CA.
“I wanted a special dog, and she is that and so much more,” the Sacramento, CA, dog lover says.  What she got is a dog that is completely trained and loves to play.  “She doesn’t think of herself as disabled,” Cassie says.  “She gets around the house … we go for daily walks and she loves to romp in the backyard.”

The dog’s personality has blossomed as she has become accustomed to her new home.  “She plays her own version of fetch and initiates play fights with me when she feels feisty,” Cassie says.  She also loves to go out on the town.  “She has a bag I carry her in and gets very excited when it’s time to hop in … She really enjoys going for car rides.”
Cassie has founded a group called Northern California Peke Pals so passionate Pekingese owners and their dogs can get together.
“People we meet always say Josie is so lucky to have me as her mommy but the truth is that I am the lucky one,” Cassie says.  “This little nugget makes every day fun, keeps me company and radiates love and affection.  To think someone neglected her until she went blind and then abandoned her is truly unbelievable.”

But Josie is lucky because of a group of dedicated people took her in, gave her the care she needed and then posted her on Petfinder, where she found her second chance with Cassie.

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