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Buckeye, a 2-year-old Collie mix, vaccinated and no longer homeless!



Buckeye received a bordetella vaccination thanks to a grant from the Foundation.

Buckeye, a 2-year-old Collie mix, is being adopted! Putnam County Dog Shelter of Ohio cared for him temporarily, but now he is on his way home.

While at the animal shelter, Buckeye received a kennel cough vaccination as part of a bordetella grant from the Foundation. This allowed him to stay healthy and adoptable! Kennel cough is an extremely contagious disease that can spread quickly through dog shelters when the dogs are not vaccinated.

Mike Schroth from Putnam County Dog Shelter has seen positive changes as
a result of the bordetella grant. “I have not seen any signs of kennel cough since we started vaccinating. Before I received the grant money, none of the dogs were
vaccinated prior to adoption. I really appreciate the
Foundation being able to offer the bordetella grant.”

Help dogs like Buckeye stay healthy by donating to the Foundation through the Foundation Facebook cause campaign. A $10 donation will vaccinate four dogs against kennel cough; a $25 donation, ten dogs!

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