Best Pet-Adoption Videos: Senior pets get some love from the creator of Mutts Comics

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This week’s video, from the Shelter Pet Project and Patrick McDonnell, creator of the comic strip Mutts, makes the case for adopting a senior dog.

patrick mcdonnell mutts drawing

Image: Patrick McDonnell, Mutts Shelter Stories

The PSA is an animated addition to McDonnell’s Shelter Stories series – adoption-themed vignettes that he features in his Mutts strip throughout the year and published in a 2008 collection, Mutts Shelter Stories: Love. Guaranteed.

The video shown here is one of six PSAs that McDonnell – a huge adoption advocate and proud dad to Petfinder dog Amelie – created with animator Paul Fierlinger for The Shelter Pet Project. You can see all the PSAs on McDonnell’s blog.

They’re all great, but we opted to spotlight this one, featuring a “mature” pet, in honor of Adopt-A-Less Adoptable-Pet Week.

(Watch another great PSA from The Shelter Pet Project – and find out how the effort promotes Petfinder pets, here.)

Do you know an original pet-adoption video that deserves to make our “best of” list? Leave a comment below!

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