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Video: A heartbreaking reminder of why it’s so important to adopt


View this on the Animal Alliance Web site.

The first time I tried to watch this video, I turned it off about a minute in. Having worked in an open-admission shelter, I’m already too familiar with the realities of overcrowding and euthanasia.

You may turn it off too, but if you can, get through to the second half. It gets better, I promise.

adoptable pit bull photo

Sylvester is at Animal Alliance in Lambertville, NJ.

Made by the rescue group Animal Alliance
of New Jersey, this video features grim statistics on the animal intake
and euthanasia numbers at the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control
Association, one of the open-admission shelters from which Animal
Alliance pulls pets (the shelter is now operated by the Pennsylvania SPCA).The statistics are from 2007, and the numbers are even worse today.

But rescue groups like Animal Alliance are dedicated to working with
open-admission shelters to reduce the euthanasia of adoptable pets due
to shelter overcrowding.

According to Animal Alliance, 99.9% of its adoptions come from
Petfinder. And each adoption means two lives saved — that pet’s and the
next one Animal Alliance can pull from a crowded shelter. The rescue
groups and shelter staffers who work to save pets are heroes — but so
are people like you, who tell people to look on Petfinder any time
someone says, “I think I want to get a dog (or cat).”

So thank you for saving lives. You make all the difference.

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