USA Today spotlights shelter pets and the joys of pet adoption

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Hooch is waiting for his own forever home at Del Norte County Animal Control in Crescent City, CA.

Today’s USA Today has a great article about shelter pets and the joy they bring their adopters (the piece also features comments from Petfinder’s co-founder, Betsy Saul).

Author Janice Lloyd shares the heartwarming adoption stories submitted by readers to USA Today‘s online pet community, Paw Print Post. Here are just two examples:

Shaggy, a terrier-golden mix, was in the SPCA in Syracuse, N.Y., and about to be put down because he has seizures. Marilyn and Stephen Strock heard about him and took him home. “Seizures are no big deal to
me since I’m a former neurosurgical ICU nurse,” says Marilyn Strock.

Charlie was thrown out of a car on a highway, was hit by
another car and broke his back. He ended up with the Scottish Terrier
Club of Greater New York Rescue. That’s how Ken and Nancy Handshaw heard
about him. They were looking for a companion for their own Scottie.
They didn’t care that Charlie required a special walker, or that he
lacked bladder control. “We drove 600 miles to meet him and spent the
afternoon playing with Charlie,” says Nancy Handshaw. “Charlie has been
with us now for over five years and has been a very important part of
our lives.”

Author Lloyd is also running a shelter star contest on Paw Print Post. So read the 20 adoption stories and then vote for your favorite rescued dog and rescued cat. The winning pets will each be featured on a special-edition mug (all 20 finalists will get the mug).

Tell us: What did the shelter or rescue staffers say about your pet that let you know he or she was the one for you?

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