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The Foundation gives six shelters bordetella vaccination grants



Duke is at Ohio County Animal Shelter in Hartford, KY.

Recently, the Foundation awarded six Petfinder shelters and rescue groups bordetella vaccination grants totaling more than $64,000.

Bordetella is commonly known as kennel cough, and spreads rapidly among shelter populations. “Shelters are often compelled by their budgets to euthanize otherwise adoptable dogs to stop the spread of the disease,” says Foundation executive director Elizabeth Neuschatz. “The real key to stopping this scourge is prevention, and that’s the aim of these vaccine grants: stopping kennel cough before it gets started.”

The groups who received the grants are:

The grant will be used to vaccinate against kennel cough over the coming
year. These six shelters together take in more than 30,000 dogs per

Gloria Tichenor, administrative and animal care employee of the Ohio
County Animal Shelter, says shelter staff are excited about the grant,
since most of the animals who come to the shelter are strays with
unknown backgrounds, or pets who have had little to no veterinary care.
“Being able to vaccinate against bordetella will add another positive
step we are taking to ensure our animals are healthy and make them more
adoptable,” she says. “It will also help us place them in foster homes
and rescue groups.”

The grant’s funding comes from the Animal Rescue Site’s Gifts that Give More and

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