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Get live advice on cleaning pet messes from “The BISSELL Stain Solver”!



Meet “The BISSELL Stain Solver” and ask him your questions live, August 10, 1-3pm EST!

Beth Jester is BISSELL’s public relations and marketing events manager, and works on social media projects like the BISSELL Pack of Pet Lovers.

My coworkers and I, we’ve got a problem — potty mouths. No, we don’t use four-letter words, but we spend an unusual amount of time discussing our pets’ bathroom issues. Urine. Feces. Vomit. These are hot topics because I work at BISSELL, and we make the products that clean up these accidents. And because most of the employees here are pet parents, we
regularly swap stories about what’s coming out of which end of our cats and dogs.

However gross, our real-life experiences help us design new products
that make cleaning up after pets easier. That’s important because a
recent BISSELL survey
found that 38% of Americans, whether or not they currently have a pet,
would add a pet to their home if cleaning up after them were easier.
Imagine the number of pets we could save if people only knew how easy
cleanup can be!

While BISSELL’s products make these dirty jobs easier, we want to help even more. On Aug. 10, BISSELL’s chief chemist (aka “The Stain Solver”) will be answering questions on Petfinder’s Facebook page live from 1 – 3 p.m. EST.

We hope you’ll log on, share your messes (nearly 50% admit there’s at
least one hiding in your carpet!) and get stain-solving advice from our
expert. Whatever the yuck factor, don’t be afraid to share it. We’ve
seen and heard it all!

Not available on the 10th? You can also download BISSELL’s Stain Solver iPhone app to get tips for tackling more than 100 types of stains from pets, food, drinks, and more!

Tell us: What pet mess do you have the hardest time cleaning up? Leave a comment.

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