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The Foundation gives Hide, Perch & Go Box grants to help shelter cats



Janie Jimplin is at the PSPCA in Philadelphia, PA.

The Foundation has given the Delaware County SPCA in Media, PA, and the Pennsylvania SPCA, which has seven shelter locations across Pennsylvania, $18,000 in Hide, Perch & Go Box grants which will provide a total of 5,000 boxes for shelter cats.

The grants were given in partnership with the PETCO Foundation, The Animal Rescue Site and the CATalyst Council.

Hide, Perch & Go Boxes help shelter cats become more adoptable by
giving them control over their surroundings. With the box, a cat has a
place to hide or sleep and a place to perch atop or jump from. The box
converts to a carrier when the cat is adopted and can be set up at her
new home to give her a familiar environment during the adjustment

The Delaware County SPCA and the Philadelphia SPCA have already seen
great improvement in the lives of their shelter cats since receiving the
grants. “A busy shelter can be an incredibly stressful place for
animals, but cats with Hide, Perch & Go Boxes are relaxed and calm,”
says Pennsylvania SPCA CEO Sue Cosby. “The boxes allow cats to express
their natural desire to hide, climb and perch, which goes a long way to
making them more comfortable and happier during their stay.”

Jane Burnt, executive director of the CATalyst Council, sees another
advantage: “A major barrier to cats receiving the veterinary care they
need is getting the cat used to his or her carrier,” she says. “We are
hopeful that by having cats become accustomed to the Hide, Perch &
Go Box in the shelter, that transportation will be easier for the cat
and her owner.”

To donate to the Foundation’s Hide, Perch & Go Box program, please visit us at

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