Here’s What You Said: How do you make traveling with pets easier?

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Wally, a Yorkie mix, is at FOCAS in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.

In the July newsletter, we asked readers to send tips that make traveling with a pet easier. Lisa writes, “Always take their blanket or pillow with you for them to lie on in a hotel room. Your dog will be calmer and more secure while staying in a strange place.”

Mike writes that he and his wife go on lots of car trips and they stop frequently to let the dog out to exercise. “In the summer, we always find places to eat that have outdoor seating where our dog can join us. More and more places, I’ve found, are pet friendly. If we can’t find one, though, we order food to go and head to a park.”

Pam alleviates worry by keeping her Yorkie (found on Petfinder) in a
harness that is attached to the seat belt in the backseat when they
travel by car. “The dog has a little room to move around but is safe
from falling on the floor if we have to slam on the brakes for any
reason,” she says. (Pam also reminds us that pets need collars with ID
tags. Her dog is also microchipped in case the collar comes off.)

A crate for traveling works well. It can be lined with a soft cover and
becomes a safe haven for the pet. Of course, you’ll want to get him or
her accustomed to being in it before you leave home.

Another good travel tip is to make motel reservations in advance.
Nothing is more exasperating than going from place to place, searching
for one that allows pets. Web sites like and will help you find one.

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