HSUS ranks U.S. states on animal protection laws. How did your state do?

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Emma is available for adoption at Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue in Vancouver, WA.

In their first “Humane State Ranking,” the Humane Society of the United States ranked all 50 U.S. states on animal protection laws dealing with pets, wildlife and farm animals, and covering issues from animal cruelty to animals in research.

The HSUS graded each state in 65 animal-protection categories including animal fighting, puppy mills, equine protection, wildlife abuse, factory farming, fur and trapping, exotic animals and companion-animal laws. Each state received a score out of 65, which was determined by the number of strong animal-protection laws within the state. (Learn more about the rankings here.)

So who placed in the top?

The states and the scores that ranked best for animal-protection laws

  1. California (45 out of 65 points)
  2. New Jersey (41)
  3. Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts (tied with 38)
  4. Illinois, New York (37)
  5. Vermont, Washington (36)
  6. Connecticut, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia (35)
  7. Florida (34)
  8. Michigan, New Hampshire (33)
  9. Arizona, Maryland (32)
  10. Louisiana (30)

The states with the weakest animal-protection laws:

  1. South Dakota (8)
  2. Idaho (9)
  3. Mississippi, North Dakota (13)
  4. Alabama, Hawaii, Missouri, Ohio (17)
  5. Utah (18)
  6. Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Montana, South Carolina, West Virginia,
    Wyoming (19)
  7. Texas (20)
  8. Oklahoma (21)
  9. Indiana, North Carolina (22)
  10. Wisconsin (24)

Want to learn more? These PDFs break down how each state scored in each
of the 65 categories.
through Missouri

through Wyoming

Tell us: Were you surprised to see your state’s ranking? Leave a comment.

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