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Romeo the Cat raises money for the Foundation



Romeo says you will help him promote the Hide, Perch and Go program. (Photo: Romeo the Cat)

Romeo the Cat, a rescued Persian, writes a daily blog loved by cat owners everywhere. Sample topic: his “morning wake-up tactics” (his daily quest to get his lazy human “staff members” out of bed to feed him breakfast). Here’s a recent one:

“This morning, female staff was lying on her back. Crawled up her stomach and stood on her chest. Meowedmeowedmeowed. Then, put paw in her right eye socket. And, OH HULLO, BREAKFAST!”

Romeo, with the help of his female staffer, Caroline, has raised more than $40,000 in just 18 months for rescues, shelters and programs that benefit homeless animals across the U.S. Together they recruit sponsors to make donations to the designated charity and call for donations from the public. (Find out more about how Romeo’s monthly fundraisers work here.)

hide-perch-go.jpegEach month, Romeo chooses a new organization to support — and we’re happy to announce that this month, Romeo is raising money for the Foundation‘s Hide, Perch and Go program!

Our Hide, Perch and Go boxes fit into cages in shelters and provide cats with a place to hide (inside the box) or perch (atop the box), decreasing stress and ultimately making the cats more adoptable. Then, when a cat is adopted, the box converts into a carrier (to “go” with him) and can be set up in his new home to give him a familiar spot and ease the transition to life with his new family.

All through the month of July, Romeo will be raising money to donate Hide, Perch and Go boxes to shelters on his blog. He’ll also be promoting the Hide, Perch and Go program on Twitter and Facebook.

Want to help Romeo help the Foundation?

  • Visit Romeo the Cat’s blog or make a donation to the Foundation through Romeo’s fundraising widget (on the right).
  • Visit Big Paw Designs and stock up on pet-related gifts. Enter the coupon code ROMEOLOVE and 25% of your purchase price will be donated to the Foundation.
  • Learn more about the Hide Perch and Go program.

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