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Here’s What You Said: Have you ever had a lost pet returned?


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Max and his brother Bailey, at Friends For Life Animal Haven in Canal Winchester, OH, show off their handsome collars and tags.

In our June newsletter we asked if you had ever had a lost pet returned to you or found someone else’s furry friend. The responses offer an important reminder: Tag your pets. Better yet, microchip them.

Several months after Jenn’s dog, Oscar, disappeared in November, she and her son moved. In May, they received a letter from a shelter that had tracked them down, thanks to a microchip, although Jenn had failed to keep the information up to date. It took some “detective” work by some compassionate shelter workers. “Microchips rock,” Jenn says.

Pat Barnard’s tabby cat had a tag and fortunately it was enough to get her Samson back to her. “I’ll never know for sure how he got so far (10 miles) from home, but if it hadn’t been for his ID tag, I know I never would have seen him again.”

Collars on cats have their own inherent dangers, however. A.J. reports
finding a lost cat with one paw hooked through its collar. Had she not
found him when she did, he would have been easy prey or might have
starved to death. She returned the cat to his pet parent, who now limits
the kitty to an indoor lifestyle. (Breakaway
collars like these
can prevent this type of scenario while still
protecting your cat with ID.)

The lesson: Microchip your pets, and then remember to keep the records
up to date with the microchip company.

TELL US: What tips do you have for making traveling with your pet a
pleasure? (We would also like to know if you have a favorite
pet-friendly airline.)
Tell us
your story.

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