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Happy Tail: Amazing before & after pics: Dudley was sick, sad and dirty



Read Dudley’s story in Beverley’s own words.

Dudley was looking pretty pathetic when Beverley Blomert of Gainesville, GA, first cast her eyes upon him on  Nevertheless, she says, “there was something in his eyes that said, ‘Take me home.'”

She took the look seriously and did just that. She adopted him from Dekalb County Animal Services in Decatur, GA. Once in his new home, he came down with pneumonia.  “The vet wasn’t sure if he would make it.  After days of hospitalization, intravenous antibiotics, a month on oral medication, lots of TLC and a good grooming, he is now fully recovered and the most wonderful and loving dog.”

Click through to see Dudley’s dramatic makeover photo!

happy-dudley-after.jpgShe hasn’t regretted making the decision to adopt him even for a
minute.  Her other dog, who was despondent over the death of his
12-year-old poodle buddy, loves Dudley, and Dudley is one happy pooch,

“His tail never stops wagging,” Beverley says.  “Every day he shows me
with a lick or a wag that he is so happy to be with us.”

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