Dog Days of Summer Pet Food Drive: Help pets and have fun!

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dog days of summer pet food drive

In April I participated in the Be the Change panel at the pet-blogger conference BlogPaws. The panel’s points were simple: Anyone can make a difference, and collectively, our small efforts can have a huge impact for pets. As the panel concluded, we issued a challenge to ourselves and the bloggers in attendance to “Be the Change.”

Since then, those pet bloggers have done fantastic things to help pets. (See a few of the ways people got involved.) Now we’re inviting you to participate!

Starting tomorrow, July 19, we’re kicking off the Dog Days of Summer Pet Food Drive. Please join us as we raise food and supplies for shelters in need and spread the word about how helping pets can be fun.

Want to participate? Here’s how:

  • Find
    a shelter
    or pet food bank near you and call to find out whether
    it accepts food donations from individuals.
  • Buy a bag of pet food, then print out the BTC4Pets flier for your upcoming photo op.
  • Drop off the food at your local shelter or food bank and have
    someone take a picture of you with the bag and the flier.
  • Write a blog post, tweet (with #BTC4Pets) and/or
    post on Facebook about your awesome achievement to inspire your friends
    to do the same. (Of course you can always write two blog posts — one
    calling your friends to join you in the food drive and the other talking
    about your group’s trip to the shelter!)
  • Post
    the picture of yourself donating the food
    to the Be the Change for Pets Facebook wall and add a link to your blog,
    Twitter account or Facebook post along with the pounds of food
    donated. We’ll add this amount to the total food/supplies donated so we
    can all see our impact!
  • Want to take the campaign to the next level? Find out how
    to start a pet food bank on a shoestring budget

This week I’m heading out to donate food at the New York City Animal
Care and Control
‘s Manhattan shelter and then uploading my donation
photo to Facebook and Twitter. I hope you’ll join me and the rest of the
Petfinder team and Be the Change for Pets with the Dog Days of Summer
Pet Food Drive.

: Will you participate in the Dog Days of Summer Pet Food Drive
or another BTC4Pets initiative?

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