West Virginia shelter project: Meet the rescued dogs, plus: video of the trip!

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On Thursday, May 27, Animal Lifeline’s staff and volunteers left West Virginia to head back to Pennsylvania. But their work will have an impact for a long time to come. Just look at this great video about the trip to see how much this small group accomplished.


Two of the puppies transported back to Pennsylvania by Animal Lifeline

On top of loading up their tools and personal belongings for the return
trip, the Animal Lifeline volunteers also ended up taking a few
adoptable pets back with them to Pennsylvania. The majority of dogs they
transported will be taken into shelters and rescues, where they will
have the opportunity to find loving homes.

A lucky few of them have already found homes with student volunteers who
decided to adopt them while working on the outreach trip. There is also
Ricky, an
Australian Shepherd-Setter mix who
was adopted last Friday by a family who had been waiting for an awesome
Aussie mix just like him.

The majority of dogs who were taken to Pennsylvania are now listed on
Petfinder (see the list below). Among them is Bolt, a young male Aussie/Setter
mix. I first met Bolt while doing some work at the Braxton County
Animal Shelter
. He
is a very sweet and friendly dog who is full of love. .

While working at the Braxton County shelter I also got to meet a group
of adorable, super-playful Beagle puppies. Meeting them was
absolutely a highlight of my trip. Now each of them is listed on
Petfinder. There is Pippin, Dexter, Squirt, and Devon (whom Animal
Lifeline just happened to name after me!). They are all eagerly
awaiting adoption.

Those are only a few of the dogs who were taken from West Virginia.
There are still more dogs and some cats waiting for adoption. Check out
their Petfinder profiles:

Braut (Corgi mix)

Burger (Wire Fox

Charcoal (Brussels

Pickles (Lhasa
Apso, Terrier mix)

Tater (Hound mix)
Bolt (Australian
Shepherd, Setter)

April (Yellow
Labrador Retriever)

Herbie (Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel)

Pippen (Beagle

Amos (Dachshund,
Spaniel mix)

Andy (Dachshund)
Devon(Beagle mix)
Dexter (Beagle

Squirt (Beagle

Babette (Domestic
Short Hair)

Leon (Domestic
Short Hair)

Chloe (Tabby)

Learn more:

The trip was organized by Animal Lifeline
and funded by the Petfinder.com Foundation and Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R.

To find out how you can help fund more projects like this, please visit
the Petfinder.com
Foundation’s donate page

For more real-life examples of rescues in action, check out Animal
Planet’s new show about pet-rescue transport, Last Chance Highway, which premieres June 19 at 8
p.m. E/P.

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