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The Foundation gives $24,000 spay/neuter grant to reduce pet overpopulation


Lady is available for adoption through New Jersey’s Camden County Animal Shelter.

The Foundation is committed to working with shelters and rescue groups across the country to help save the lives of homeless pets. Part of this mission is to provide assistance with spay/neuter grants.

Recently, the Foundation and The Animal Rescue Site awarded New Jersey’s Camden County Animal Shelter a $24,000 grant to help with spaying and neutering their adoptable pets.

CCAS handles more than 6,000 pets a year
in one of the poorest communities in the country. Niki Dawson, CCAS’s executive director and president of the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey, has overcome tremendous obstacles to provide low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for pets belonging to low- or no-income people in her community.

“The high cost of spay/neuter services is the most common reason pet
owners give for not altering their animals,” Dawson says. “Consequently,
nearly 80% of animals coming into our shelter are intact. The financial
burden of altering over 3,000 animals per year is overwhelming. Thanks
to the Foundation and The Animal Rescue Site, CCAS will be
able to provide spay/neuter services to every animal that leaves the
shelter for its forever home.”

The spay/neuter grant funding comes from the Animal Rescue Site’s Gifts that Give More and
parent company

“Spay/neuter programs make more pets adoptable, help owners who could
not otherwise afford these services keep their pets in good health, and
reduce the population of homeless and feral animals,” says Tim Kunin,
CEO of The Animal Rescue Site. “We have long supported the efforts of
rescue groups like Camden County Animal Shelter at The Animal Rescue
Site. We wish Ms. Dawson and her organization continuing success with
their important efforts on behalf of their community.”

The Foundation is honored to be able to provide this
assistance to the Camden County Animal Shelter. To contribute to the
, please visit our Web site.

To contribute to the spay/neuter fund or other animal rescue Gifts That
Give More offered by the GreaterGood Network, visit
All gifts are tax deductible.

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