Intern Alison helps Petfinder staffers volunteer to repaint a shelter cat room

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noah's ark adoptable cat photo

Cirus is available for adoption at Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association in Ledgewood, NJ.

Hello! My name is Alison and I am the new summer intern for On Friday, June 18, I volunteered with the Petfinder shelter outreach staff at Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association in Ledgewood, NJ, for “Discover Your Impact Day,” a day of volunteerism initiated by Petfinder’s parent company, Discovery Communications. The Petfinder team volunteered to help repaint the shelter walls at Noah’s Ark.

I walked into Noah’s Ark to find the Petfinder team in a small room with eight cages. They were priming the walls and the ceilings of the cat cages. This was my first time meeting the outreach team, and I was automatically greeted with smiling faces and a warm welcome. Within 10 minutes, I was painting in a cage alongside them. We then took a break for lunch and I was able to talk with my new friends.

The Petfinder team seemed to receive as much as enjoyment out of their
work as I did. Within minutes of meeting them, I felt an energetic
atmosphere filled with vivacious and humble people who loved to help the
community, especially pets. With a fun-loving sense of humor, the
animated individuals of the Petfinder team created an enjoyable and
vibrant setting to work in. It was exciting to be a part of a team of
people willing to dedicate their day to providing the shelter animals
with attention and a cleaner environment.

After lunch, we got back to work by opening the new cans of paint. The
walls of the shelter were painted with a beautiful lilac purple and the
ceilings received a new coat of crisp, white paint. The floors were the
last to be painted, with a subtle grey. By the time I left, the shelter
was looking fresh and neat, as if it was brand new. I knew the cats
would love their clean and revived cages.

I thoroughly enjoyed my work with the Petfinder team and I would
certainly volunteer again in the future! The staff of Noah’s Ark were
very friendly and welcoming as well, and they continued to thank us for
our generosity and hard work. It was evident that they were very excited
to have us come in and spend time with the animals and tidy up the
shelter. Besides meeting new people and pets, I was able to make an
impact by simply painting the walls. Although our task may have been
easy, the shelter appreciated the time we took out of our day to help.

There are many rewards of volunteering. I encourage anyone out there to
try and volunteer at their local shelter or just in the local community.
Not all volunteer projects are difficult or time-consuming. It only
takes a few hours to make a big difference. Not to mention, it’s fun! By
volunteering at your local shelter, you can give more pets some
attention and meet other wonderful people who love to volunteer.

I think the biggest impact is on yourself. No matter big or small the
project, you will feel the difference you are making in your community.
Besides feeling good about yourself, you are creating a positive change
in the lives of the people and animals around you. It is certainly
worthwhile to try! For ideas on how to help the animals in your local
area, check out this article: Your
Local Shelter Wants You!

I think the Petfinder team did a wonderful job with the new paint, and I
considered it a very successful day for both Petfinder and the animals
of Noah’s Ark!

Do you volunteer with your local shelter or rescue? Tell

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