Last Chance Highway: Animal Planet’s new series highlights pet rescue and transport

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last chance highway photoLast Chance Highway follows Mississippi dog rescuer Shelly Bookwalter from Double Dog Rescue South as she gives unwanted dogs across the South a second chance at survival.

We watch Shelly as she pulls dogs out of shelters and off hillsides (literally), vets them and places them in foster homes, posts their profiles on Petfinder and finally, when she’s interviewed and approved potential adopters, works with pet transporter Kyle Peterson to have them driven north to their new homes.

In tomorrow’s premiere, Shelly spots a Pit Bull mom with a litter of five puppies out near a roadway. She confronts the owner, who is hesitant to part with the neglected dogs.

last chance highway photo

On the same hillside, Shelly and her husband Curtis find a stray
Chihuahua whom they name Rusty and take home to foster. Like many foster
parents, Curtis gets attached to Rusty, and we see Shelly face a
difficult decision as Curtis lobbies to keep him.

Will Shelly be able to rescue the Pit pups? Will Rusty go from foster
dog to new family member? To find out, tune in to Last Chance
on Saturday, June 19, at 8 PM (ET/PT).

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