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Here’s What You Said: What are your tips and tricks for moving with a pet?



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We commented in our May newsletter that moving can be traumatic for pets, and asked what tips or tricks you’ve used to make the transition easier for a pet. Sarah from southeast Michigan wrote, “We found that the best thing to do was to wait until we were about halfway moved out of the old house before taking our dog and all her things to the new house.”

Karen P. used a similar strategy with her cat, Mau. She also made sure when they got Mau to the new house that the outside doors were kept closed, and then they let her check things out. “She leisurely explored our new home, had food and water, used her litter box and then had a good nap,” Karen says.

Kim Z. of Ohio says her family took their dogs with them as they spruced
up their new house before moving day, but waited until they moved in to
bring their blind dog, Kaci, over. Then they kept Kaci on a leash and
led her around until she got the feel of the new place.

The chaos of moving can be alarming to our pet pals, especially if
they’ve been abandoned before. Seeing the situation from their point of
view and keeping familiar things around them in their new situation will
help things go smoothly.

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TELL US: Ever had a lost pet
returned to you? Or have you found someone else’s furry friend and
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