World’s best jumper identified! How does your dog match up?

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highest jumping dog photo

Discovery News reports that the animal world has a new jumping king — the copepod. A one- to two-millimeter-long crustacean, this tiny creature can “accelerate to a speed of 500 body-lengths per second when they perform an escape jump,” according to a recent study. (Read the full article here.)

So how do dogs match up? Well, the Guinness World Record holder for the highest jump by a dog is a Greyhound named Cinderella May a Holly Grey (yes, that’s her full name) who cleared five feet, eight inches in 2006. (There’s no current record holder for longest jump by a dog.) The average standing height for a female Greyhound is 27-30 inches, meaning Cinderella jumped the equivalent of two and a half times her own height. Wow!

Now, compare that to the copepod: If Cinderella could jump 500
body-heights per second she would be able to jump 1,125 feet in one
second — that’s equivalent to a 112-story building! (I get visions of
Underdog just thinking about it.)

Tell us, how does your favorite jumping dog match up?

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