What’s That Mutt?: Chewy’s DNA-test results are in!

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tripod corgi photo

See more pictures of Chewy in last week’s What’s That Mutt? post.

Thanks to everyone who guessed what breeds Chewy’s DNA test would reveal! Most of you thought Chewy is a mix of Corgi, Basenji, Chihuahua and some kind of terrier. (Read all your guesses here.)

So several weeks after sending Chewy’s cheek swab to the makers of the Canine Heritage Breed Test, the mailman brought me a lovely certificate with a photo of Chewy’s equally lovely face printed right on it. And while 50% of the results were somewhat expected the other 50% were quite surprising!

First, there was no clear primary breed — meaning neither of Chewy’s parents was purebred.

Corgi popped up as a secondary breed. Given Chewy’s pointy ears and some
of his coat coloring, this wasn’t much of surprise! I’ve had a couple
of people suggest Corgi when venturing their own guesses at his breed.

Finally, in the “In The Mix” category there was … Cocker
! Wow! For anyone who guessed this, give yourself a giant
pat on the back for you are truly a master of breed identification.

Since this breed had never occurred to me before, I checked out our breed guide for more
info. Part of the breed description includes, “willing to please and
responsive to his family’s wishes.” Ha! Now that Chew knows his secret
identity, he can work on channeling some of this inner Cocker

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canine-heritage.gifThanks to our partner Canine Heritage for donating Chewy’s breed test. For more information on how to test your dog’s DNA, visit the Canine
Heritage Web site

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