What’s That Mutt?: Is Chloe an awesome Aussie or a baying Beagle?

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My husband and I found Chloe’s profile on Petfinder last summer and we immediately fell in love with her. She was discovered wandering on the side of the road in North Carolina, and was brought to our area by K-9 Lifesavers in Washington D.C. When we adopted her she was eight-weeks-old and weighed 9 lbs. Now she is a year old and her weight has been holding steady at 45 lbs.

See Chloe as a puppy after the jump!

She is a healthy pup, but tends to have a sensitive stomach — she
appears to be allergic to wheat and corn, and eliminating those from her
diet has helped keep her on an even keel. She loves her toys —
particularly the plush and squeaky ones — which she routinely destroys
with her teeth. She also loves chewing her bones, and is obsessed with
keeping them safe — she carries them all around the house, whining
loudly and looking for a hiding place. She will attempt to “dig” a
“hole” (usually in her bed or on a sofa cushion), place the bone in it,
then “cover” it back up by pushing at the bed or sofa with her nose.
Alternate hiding places include her crate and our laptop bags. She also
enjoys digging real holes outside wherever she can.

Chloe is a social dog, has lots of energy, and loves to play with other
dogs at the dog park. She will often crouch on the ground and then
pounce and run towards her dog buddies. She loves the snow and cold
weather. She is a moderately vocal dog; she whines when she wants to go
outside or when she is burying her bones, and she has three different
barks: The first bark is a loud, low alarm bark when she sees or hears
something that grabs her interest, the second is a high-pitched yip when
she wants out of her crate in the morning, and the third is her softer
play bark. Finally, while she’s affectionate — she loves giving kisses
and getting her belly rubbed — she is too independent to be a cuddly
lap dog.

Chloe’s digging habits and body shape lead me to think that she may have
some hound blood, perhaps Beagle. Her head
looks more like a herding dog — maybe an Australian
or Border Collie?
But that doesn’t account for her large curled and fluffy tail, which
looks like it could belong to a dog in the Spitz family.

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