Here’s What You Said: Was it love at first sight with your pet?

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Lisa, at SPCA of Upstate New York in Queensbury, NY, is hoping for someone to fall in love with her.

We asked in last month’s Petfinder newsletter if it was love at first sight when you spotted your pet on Petfinder.

Some of you, like Lisa, said you knew the moment you saw the photo on Petfinder that this pet was your perfect match. Lisa’s dog, Denmark, had died, and when she saw his “spitting image” on Petfinder, she fell. “I was in for a big surprise when I saw [Ringo] in person. He was so small … nothing but skin and bones.” No matter. Lisa had found her “angel.”

The photo was all it took for others, too. “While searching for an adult cat,” Paula wrote, “Ethel’s picture just jumped out at me and said, ‘I’m here, come get me please.'” Claire wrote, “The perfect picture is what attracted me to my doggy, Buddy.”

For some, like KDS, it happened when they met their future pets. KDS wrote, “When the foster mom opened the door … I saw her husband holding my dog. Just the way her ears perked up when the door opened and how small she was in his arms, I knew she was the one.”

Darla wrote, “I will never forget that day — the first time I
saw Buddy is ingrained in my brain for eternity. He was being kept in
the basement and when the door to the basement was opened, he was
standing on the landing between the two flights of stairs. I took one
look at him and I was in love.”

When he visited a shelter, Charles was about to give up. “I only
saw big dogs,” he wrote. Then “a lady said they had just gotten a
small dog back from the vet’s. He had been hit by a mail truck and it
crushed his hip. He would probably always walk with a limp. I said I
would like to see him. When he came walking out he was a wild-haired
little thing about two years old.” Charles adopted the wild-haired
little thing.

No matter what the story, you often just know. It’s
inexplicable. It’s magical.

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