What’s That Mutt?: Who knew? Haley is no Husky!

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haley-snow.jpgThanks to everyone who guessed Haley’s heritage last week. Most of you agreed that Haley must be some mix of Husky or German Shepherd, Yellow Lab and American Staffordshire Terrier.

The Canine Heritage Breed Test is back and the verdict is quite a surprise.

Find out Haley’s results after the jump!

Haley’s a true mutt: No primary breeds were identified, but that alone
is not a big shock considering both her parents are mutts.

Canine Heritage was able to classify Haley as having Basenji and Keeshond (a
member of the same dog family as Huskies and Chow Chows) “in the mix.”
Basenji is particularly notable because it’s known as a quiet breed with
a distinctive bark/howl.

But here’s the real revelation — Haley came back with a weak secondary
breed identified … Standard

“I was so surprised when I first heard the results,” says Haley’s dad,
Eric. “Haley looks like a tiny white Husky. I thought there was no way
she could have any Poodle in her and I didn’t even know what a Keeshond
was. It turns out that Keeshonds are Spitz breeds so that’s probably
where Haley gets her Husky looks.”

Tom Russo of Canine Heritage says results like Haley’s aren’t uncommon:
“We find that the [identified] breeds show up more strongly in the
behavioral traits than physical traits.”

In fact, Haley’s intelligence and easygoing attitude (along with a
good-sized prey-drive) are all known characteristics of the Standard
Poodle as well as the Keeshond.

All in all, Eric’s just enjoying being able to answer the question,
“What’s that mutt?” He says, “Getting the test done was fun and
definitely worth waiting for the results.”

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